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Trouble & Bass has been the fulcrum for many factions of the NYC dance explosion. The “Heavy Bass Champions of the World” have not only been tireless promoters of other artists through their label and new booking company, but they’ve also reached out to all kinds of like-minded musicians with collaborations, shared show lineups and even video cameos. Now with the compilation Scion A/V Presents: Trouble & Bass — Sounds of NYC, they collect five new tracks from friends and collaborators that take the pulse of the most vital music coursing through the city’s streets right now.


1. Drop the Lime - "Bourbon Blitz"

Trouble & Bass’ lead rabble-rouser grew up in Tribeca, the triangle below Canal Street where the Financial District, Chinatown and the Lower East Side rub troubled shoulders. Nurtured by artist parents, trained at (and kicked out of) the finest schools, and debauched by the best ravers and the finest disco-punks, Drop the Lime eventually emerged as the dapper night creature you see today. “Bourbon Blitz” is another example of his ability to tap dance his way across genres, fusing music created in Chicago, London, Berlin, the bayou and beyond into his own house sound.

2. Hussle Club "Quaranteenagers"

Prince Terrence has lived in New York for six years, but he is still able to harness the feeling of first moving to the city: the electric energy, the staying out ’til god knows when and forgetting who you are, the wild times where you wonder how you made it through… only to get up the next day and do it all over again. This Detroit native is the epicenter of Hussle Club. On “Quaranteenagers,” as with all his other work, he channels Basquiat, Suicide, Interpol, Blondie, Liquid Liquid, and countless other Downtown revolutionaries into one electro-pop-goth outfit.

3. Michna - "Kings Highway"

After Michna moved to New York from his native Florida in 2003, he quickly became known for DJ sets that melded Miami bass and classic electro with East Coast hip-hop. For his original compositions he built on to these reference points with his own trombone playing, quirky sense of humor and love of techno funk for the trunk. “Kings Highway” is a mesmerizing bass blast that puts the boom in all five boroughs.

4. Cubic Zirconia - "Lucid in the Sky"

Cubic Zirconia have created a misty and funky synthetic swamp, at once mystical, tropical, and totally unpredictable. A trio comprised of Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart and Daud Sturdivant, they create a glittering mirage of influences from G-funk to sunset disco to Delta blues to diamonds in the gutter. “Lucid in the Sky” is a woozy vision that will leave you in a waking dream state.

5. Kingdom "Uptown Buck"

Kingdom keeps things fresh at all times, whether he’s crafting R&B crunk house or getting his fade touched-up weekly from Greenpoint’s realest Russian barber. He welds the most commercial and the most underground urban music and culture together, then marries them to a post-everything aesthetic. Kingdom is a true original, and “Uptown Buck” is just his latest unclassifiable banger.


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