Todd Edwards is in prime form on "I Might Be." With an upbeat, airy bassline and Edwards' pleading vocals, it could just as easily have been written ten years ago as today. This timeless quality is what sets Edwards apart and defines his place in dance music. On this remix, London's Joy Orbison quiets things down and spaces them out, filling the gaps with sweet blips and chirps. When the vocals finally appear, they perfectly blend with the relaxed vibe, highlighting Edwards' lyrical depth. The song keeps its chilled out pace, building just enough and then taking the listener back down. With his remix, UK garage originator MJ Cole adds the flare and dramatics that change "I Might Be" from down to earth into something more grand. Cole adds majestic towers of sound and buries the vocal line within them. The result is a wondrous glide that takes off from the dance floor and journeys into the sky. Ed Banger Records mainstay Feadz gives a signature Parisian touch to the track. Feadz elevates the intensity and chops the up the source material, adding a frenetic big city feel to "I Might Be." In the end it sounds more immediate and the words seem almost desperate. Ann Arbor-based dance rock band My Dear Disco try to take "I Might Be" to an epic place. Robo-popping bassline segue into synths that sounds more like an orchestra of violins. Female vocal harmonies are added on top of Edwards' own. My Dear Disco rethink Edwards' track into something glitchier, more upbeat and definitely more hectic.
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