As part Scion's new Radio 17 Host EP series, Atlanta DJ Rob Wonder created "No Static At All," a companion compilation for his channel of the same name. Like Wonder's radio show, the EP is a rumbling mix of music styles and young talent from around the planet. As Wonder says, "This collection of sounds was put together to move minds, hearts and feet." Coinciding with this musical release, there is also a booklet (available both in print and digitally) about "No Static All" featuring tweaked creature illustrations by Atlanta art legend R. Land.

Rob Wonder, the architect of No Static At All, has established himself as someone who offers a platform for those who strive to be heard. With the help of fellow Atlanta resident Mayhem, Wonder has created "Rejoice," a declaration of liberation and individuality. It's a track that's designed to rattle your soul.

Psalm One brings some Southside Chicago style to "Juke Me," a track that showcases her defiant swagger and verbal acrobatics. The tune is a refreshing-yet-throwback nod to the greatness of Chicago music as it seamlessly references classic house music, sly Chitown hip hop and the regional dance form that gives the track its name.

Maker is a Chicago based beatmaker and one third of the production trio Glue. Here he fuses the brain-rattling instrumental hip hop sound pioneered in the late '90s with today's dangerously deep low end theories.

Big bass and grimey attitude straight from Pittsburgh is what B. Rich brings to your speakers. A futuristic blend of massive low end, bellowing basslines and a modern hip hop sensibility is what "U Made Me" brings to the floor. B. Rich also enlists Armanni Reign, an MC from the dubstep/drum & bass world, and Sporty-O, a southern rapper, on the cut. The result doesn't fit under any genre tag you could to throw at, it's a total assault.

Bok Bok is the captain of the UK'S famed Night Slugs crew and a frequent collaborator with L-VIS 1990 and Dre Skull. An innovator in this new era of bass, Bok Bok delivers a boom so big that it could knock satellites from the sky.

The mysterious Kingdom of Brooklyn is a classic house guru who leads listeners on a nostalgic trip that conjures visions of downtown NYC and raves in abandoned UK factories. This shaman of bass brings an enormous R&B sound to his productions with soulful vocals and big synth lines. Kingdom's music pulls from the past yet it's packed with so much futuristic flair that when it's over, you won't know when you've time warped into.

Kastle is the moniker that B. Rich uses for his more soulful and slicker electronic productions. But don't worry, "Need U" is far from squeaky clean. With the help of Manchester's Virus Syndicate he creates a gutter love song that speaks to both sides of the Atlantic.

Klever is one of the most championed and technical turntablists in the USA, but now he is on the path to destroy dancefloors with more than scratch routines. With his productions he channels his dirty southern ATL roots into devious club thrashers.

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